Iberian culture gallery


A glimpse into the history of the Iberians, who they were and the most significant social and material changes related to these group.

Valencia's Traveling Carnival

Whole weekend

A traveling amusement park is always present in Valencia city during the Xmas holidays. For locals or tourists, ideal for the whole family.Venue: In Valencia's Marina, between Ingeniero Manuel Soto St. and Francia Av. (near old Grao Station) at the end of Puerto Av.Schedule: From December...

Matter, space and time. Julio González and the avant-gardes

Until Sunday

An exhibition at Valencia's IVAM that places the works of Julio González (Barcelona, 1876 – Paris, 1942) right at the centre of the aesthetic, political, and social debate of his time.The project also aims to approach the artistic and cultural reality of the metropolises where he developed hi...