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Best times to visit?

Summer and Fallas

Valencia has pretty good weather all year round. Summer and Fallas are the most interesting times to visit the city but beware of the heat in the first case, and the crowds in the second!

Mediterranean climate

Valencia's weather

If you just want to check out the city and don’t care about Fallas and/or the beach, the best time to visit Valencia would be on April and May. The city’s Mediterranean climate will offer a nice weather to walk around and visit relevant museums and monuments.

Average high temperatures range from 15ºC (59º F) in the wintertime to 30ºC (85º F) in the height of summer -that’s the average. It usually reaches 40 and humidity makes it worse!

Visiting Valencia at a glance

Essential info

  1. Sunrise & sunset

    Valencia enjoys one of the most optimal number of hours of daylight in Europe, with an average 10 hours even in Winter.

    In the Summer, the sun rises at 6-6-45 am approx. and sets as late as 9:30 pm!

  2. What time is it over there?

    Valencia’s time zone is CET (GMT +1) except during the Summer, when Daylight Saving Time (DST) is applied and it changes to CEST (GMT +2) (UTC).

    It’s a good idea to set your phone to show two clocks -with Valencia’s and your hometown’s time- in case you keep in touch with friends and family and there are many hours of difference.

  3. Population and tourists

    Valencia is Spain’s third largest metropolitan area, with a population ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 million depending on how it’s defined.

    Valencia city’s (municipality’s) population is a little over 800,000.

    But! During the Summer and in Fallas, hordes of tourists fill the city: almost 2 million people -approx. 1 million from other countries; the other million, from other parts of Spain- visit Valencia every year.

  4. Should I book in advance?

    Definitely. Particularly if you’re coming for Fallas or the Summer. For Fallas, hotel occupancy reaches 95-100% and prices rise, a night costing approx. €200-250 (USD 227-284).

  5. Traveling with children

    If you’re traveling with children, you might be thinking Fallas isn’t such a good idea. Of course, it depends on their age, because if they’re babies, it could be harder to enjoy the festivities because of the crowd and all the noise.

    However, kids could have a great time checking out the fallas, the mascletàs, etc. and Valencia is definitely a safe city.

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