Great beaches and a lot of history

Discover Cullera, Valencia

A little town with a lot of history

Cullera is located 40km (25 miles) from Valencia city. It’s a great place to take a break during your trip to Valencia.

Invaded by pirates, with remains of the Spanish Civil War and of the Moors’ settlement, Cullera is full of historic places to explore.

Calvario detail Cullera

A creepy name

Calvary and Castle

Yes, Calvary Street does have a creepy name, and looking at the castle at the top of the mountain from below can make you feel dizzy, but it’s worth the walk.

Cullera's sea and lighthouse

Lovely beaches

You’ll see lots of signs to get to Cullera’s lighthouse; however, it cannot be visited. Still, there are several beaches to relax and enjoy the calmness of its surroundings as well as different water activities.