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Valencia has it all: historical places, sandy beaches, unique architecture… If you’re traveling to Valencia, you’re probably looking for lodging options near the places you’re interested in visiting, or maybe you just want to relax near the sea. Explore your options with us.

How to move around

...and so little time!

But no worries: the city’s not that big, and even if your hotel isn’t close to, say, the City of Arts and Sciences, you’ll be able to come and go thanks to the city’s great public transport system. Valencia is also great for exploring on foot.

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Valencia is one of the most visited cities in Spain, a favorite among tourists, but thankfully, it isn’t as expensive as Madrid or Barcelona.
Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t deluxe options for those looking for something more exclusive: from grand luxury 5-star hotels to lodging in a XIX century building, you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste.

Westin Valencia hotel lobby

What does Valencia cost?

Average prices


Daily menu (inexpensive)9.00

Daily menu in a typical Valencian bar, including entrée, main course, a drink and coffee or dessert.

Daily menu (downtown)15.00

Daily menu in a tourist-oriented restaurant downtown.

Haute cuisine35.00

Haute cuisine menu in a restaurant such as Ricard Camarena’s Habitual.

Tasting menu60.00

Haute cuisine tasting menu in a restaurant such as Sucede.



Depending on the area, an espresso or a macchiato can be cheaper.


Most bars will charge €1.50 for a can or a glass of soda.


A pint. Typical Spanish sizes “quinto” (1/5) and “tercio” (1/3) are cheaper.

Horchata with fartons3.00

Most bars will offer 2 or 3 fartons with your horchata.



Single ticket for Valencia’s subway.


One-way ticket for Valencia’s bus transportation.


Taxi start (normal tariff).

10-tickets pass8.00

We recommend getting bus and metro passes for cheaper trips.

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