La Sucursal

In Valencia's leisure port

From the museum to the port

A Michelin-starred restaurant

La Sucursal is a Michelin-starred restaurant previously located on the first floor of the IVAM (Valencia’s Institute of Modern Art).

It was revamped and it’s now located inside the fabulous Veles e Vents building in Valencia’s Marina Real leisure port.

A successful family business

La Sucursal Group

Head chefs are Javier de Andrés and Jorge de Andrés from Grupo La Sucursal.

A family business started by Loles Salvador, the group now owns two Michelin-starred restaurants that have also been awarded several Repsol Suns.

From the terrace

Stunning views

Its location is one of a kind: inside the America’s Cup building (Veles e Vents).

Featuring stunning views from the terrace, the restaurant is ideal for those looking for relaxation and haute cuisine in their trip to Valencia.

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Veles e Vents

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