Q de Barella

Creative haute cuisine

In a unique location between Valencia’s historic center and the City of Arts and Sciences, you’ll find Quique Barella’s creative haute cuisine at Q de Barella.


Iberian ham16.00

Original Spanish ham.

Sea nettles tempura10.00

With romesco sauce.

Beach squid10.50

With potato foam, roast chicken juice, and cocoa air.

Meat & Fish

Iberian ribs15.00

Glazed ribs with beet.


Spanish tuna with artichokes.


D. O. Teruel (superior quality) with carrot and ginger.


Torrija de horchata6.50

Horchata French toast with cinnamon ice cream.

Avocado dessert6.00

Avocado, lemon and coconut.

Chocolate soup6.00

With hazelnut and strawberry sorbet.

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(+34) 963 93 63 00
Opening hours

Mondays to Saturdays for lunch and dinner.

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