El Ocho y Medio

A charming terrace

El Ocho y Medio (8 1/2, like Fellini’s classic) is a restaurant located in the lovely Lope de Vega Square, near St. Catalina’s Church and the narrowest building in Europe.

The terrace

Ideal for sunny days

The restaurant’s terrace is ideal for lunch or appetizers on a sunny day in Valencia. It’s usually surrounded by locals and tourists who walk by Lope de Vega Square to visit the church or reach the city center.

Valencian food and more

The specialties

Enjoy the cuisine of chef Massimiliano Ratti. The restaurant’s specialties are foie and chocolate dishes. As true Valencians, rice and seafood are also present.

Ocho y medio dessert


House menu30.00

2 half starters, 1 main course, and a dessert (all chosen by the chef).

Gourmet menu45.00

2 starters, followed by a foie, fish or meat dish, and a dessert (all chosen by the chef).


Valencian Paella14.90

Chicken, rabbit, Perona beans, carboys, and snails.

Senyoret Paella16.90

With cuttlefish, squid and prawns.

Black rice14.90

With squids in their ink and garlic.

Lobster paella21.90

With bogavante.

Ocho y medio church
5 Lope de Vega Sq.

Contact El Ocho y Medio

Get in touch!

(+34) 963 92 20 22
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