Virgin’s Square

Facing the Basilica

The Virgin’s Square, along with the Queen’s Square, is one of the most important places in Valencia. A common meeting spot, it usually hosts all kinds of celebrations and even art exhibits.

During Fallas

Flower offering

The virgin is the patroness of the city of Valencia and one of seven patrons of Spain’s Autonomous communities.

During Valencia’s most famous celebration, the Fallas, citizens bring flowers to a huge image of the virgin at a celebration called the “flower offering”.

Always crowded

A beautiful fountain

The Virgin’s Square can always surprise you: one day, you might find and art exhibit, or even bump into a protest, but you’ll never miss its beautiful fountain, always surrounded by people taking selfies!

Art, music, and drinks

Meeting point

The Virgin’s Square is a crowded place, but it’s also a great meeting point because it’s filled with bars, restaurants, and small shops. Be aware, though: some places can be more expensive just because of its great location.

You’ll also find musicians playing and artists selling their paintings, right before you reach the unmissable Basilica.

Right around the corner

Looking for the Queen's Square?

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