Tapinería Market

A new proposal in the Old Town

The Tapinería Market is a relatively new proposal in Valencia’s Old Town. Culture, tradition and entertainment come together in this area which features 6 commercial spaces that change frequently, offering something different each time.

The latest trends

A multipurpose space

3 different spaces: Bar&Kitchen, La Nube (the cloud, a multipurpose room) and 15 of what they call “ephemeral stores”, changed every 2 weeks.

Bar&Kitchen is a lounge bar offering visitors new flavors and treats everyday; La Nube is dedicated to seminars and workshops; and the ephemeral stores feature the latest trends in culture, fashion and decor.

Ideal for the Summer

Meetings and events

Tapinería is ideal for Summer meetings and events thanks to being mostly outdoors and featuring typical bars and restaurants.

Several events are usually celebrated there, from flea markets to shows, including some focused on children.

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