Regional Government Palace

Inspired by the architecture of the famous Escorial

Built in 1421, Valencia’s Regional Government Palace (Valencian, Palau de la Generalitat) features a Gothic design. The tower is decorated with Renaissance iconography.

Valencia's "Escorial"

When to visit

Crowned by a balustrade with masonry ornaments, the whole building’s design mimics the style of the famous Escorial of Madrid.

If you don’t want to miss its stunning architecture, be sure to make a reservation or visit the Regional Government Palace for free during the Nou d’Octubre celebration.

The courtyard

Inside the palace

One of its most notorious features is its courtyard, featuring a Valencian Gothic staircase on one of its sides, and particularly the Sala Nova del torreón (tower chamber) with a wooden gallery decorated with allegorical and mythological carvings, as well as frescoes representing the three estates of the Valencian Corts, by Joan Sarinyena and Vicent Requena.

Contact Regional Government Palace

Get in touch!

(+34) 963 86 35 58
Opening hours

Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 2pm, upon prior reservation.

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