Quart Towers

Part of Valencia's medieval defensive wall

A gothic building of the 15th century, the Quart Towers were part of Valencia’s medieval defensive wall, but also served as the female prison.

Built by Pere Bofill -inspired by the Castel Nuovo towers in Naples- they’re a good example of late Gothic military architecture. Nowadays, the Quart Towers also house the Locksmith Museum.

Serrano Towers ValenciaTrip

Serranos and Quart

The little sisters

The Quart Towers are often overshadowed by their “big sisters”, the Serranos Towers, and also by the Valldigna Gate, other well-preserved remains of the city’s ancient Islamic wall.

quart towers promenade
1 Santa Ursula Square

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From 10am to 7pm. Sundays, until 3pm.
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