Prehistory Museum

History and free concerts

In La Bene

Valencian Prehistory

Since 1982, Valencia’s Prehistory Museum is located in the Casa de la beneficencia (charity house), affectionately called “La Bene”, built in 1841.

It features 3 floors and 5 patios, which include a store, a cafeteria, two rooms for temporary exhibitions, and even an old church where concerts are held.

From Romans to Iberians

Prehistoric civilizations

One of the city’s biggest and most interesting museums, its exhibits cover several periods, from the Roman World to the history of the Iberians.

It features permanent exhibitions such as the one dedicated to the history of money.

Prehistory Museum exhibits

Item collection and expos

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(+34) 963 88 35 87
Opening hours

From 10am to 8pm. Closed on Monday.

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