Las Arenas Beach

An urban beach south of La Malvarrosa

Restaurants and resorts

Maritime Promenade

Located South of La Malvarrosa beach, Las Arenas is approximately 1.2 kilometers long and 135 meters wide.

There, you’ll find the Las Arenas 5-star resort, and a typical restaurant area at the Paseo Marítimo (Maritime promenade).

GL 5-star hotel Las Arenas

Looking for the resort?

Name confusion

Arenas or Cabanyal?

Just like La Malvarrosa, this Blue Flag beach located in El Cabanyal, is a Valencian urban beach that receives lots of visitors both during the Summer season and the rest of the year.

Don’t be confused: Las Arenas and El Cabanyal are the same beach; the latter is its actual name but since the resort of the same name is so famous, people usually call it Las Arenas (the sands).

Palm trees Cabanyal beach
Las Arenas Beach (El Cabanyal)
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