Valencia's leisure port

Valencia’s port -previously Marina Real Juan Carlos I, now just La Marina-, is located right next to La Malvarrosa beach. It features many iconic buildings such as Veles e Vents (host of the America’s Cup), as well as beach bars and restaurants.

La Marina

Valencia's leisure port

The Marina Real Juan Carlos I (named after Spain’s former King) is Valencia’s leisure port, now called simply La Marina.

Ideal not only for sea lovers, it offers some of the most beautiful landscapes of the city, with docks and ships surrounded by famous buildings and gastronomy options.

The America's Cup building

Veles e Vents

The America’s Cup building -known to Valencians as Veles e Vents– is located inside the Marina. Its wonderful architecture will definitely make you take your camera out for some shots.

Veles e Vents was not only the host of the America’s Cup tournament; it also hosts all kinds of events and is the home of famous restaurants such as La Sucursal (previously at the IVAM museum) which enjoys this outstanding location.

Gastronomy and architecture

Discover Veles e Vents

Royal, no more

Why the name change?

Mayor Joan Ribó changed the official name of the place from Marina Real Juan Carlos I (named after Spain’s former king, the father of the current one) to the shorter “La Marina” with “de València” added in many cases.

This is so its name would be exclusively in Valencian and to erase any reference to the king emeritus; that’s why the “royal” was also dropped.

Nautical activities

From surfing to Pilates

More than a million square meters are waiting for you at the Marina, so they must offer lots of things to do, right?

Aside from drinks at the bars, meals at the restaurants, and enjoying the views, you can enjoy some of the several nautical activities they offer such as surfing, kayaking, rowing, sailing, canoeing, diving, jet skiing, and even Ocean Pilates and Yoga.

There are also boat trips with parties on board, special events, and more.

Bars and restaurants

Gastronomy at the Marina

The Marina features lots of foodie options to enjoy a meal near the sea.

Several restaurants fill the promenade, with more exclusive meals offered at La Sucursal, inside the America’s Cup building.

Lounge bar and pool

Marina beach club

A lounge bar, pool, private events, and more expensive snacks and drinks are waiting at the Marina’s beach club, recognized by Traveler magazine as the best Beach Club of the Mediterranean.

You need to rent a hammock but you can order your favorite cocktail without leaving the water.

Veles e Vents

America's Cup building

The iconic building by architects Chipperfield and Vazquez is now a space that mixes gastronomy and culture.

The Amstel Art Hall offers concerts, art exhibitions, and other events, and restaurant La Sucursal, Valencian haute cuisine.

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