La Estrecha

Narrowest building in Europe

La Estrecha building and pub

Europe's narrowest building

Located in Lope de Vega Square -right behind St. Catalina’s Church- La Estrecha is Europe’s narrowest building. Next to it, you’ll see a bar with the same name, calling itself “the prettiest pub in Europe”.

Only 107 cm wide (!), La Estrecha is easy to miss!

Not the narrowest building?

La Estrecha's competition

La Estrecha is actually one of the two narrowest buildings in Europe, sharing the prize with another one in Amsterdam.

The truth is that while the one in the Netherlands has a 101 cm façade, its interior is a little big wider, so Valencia’s would be the narrowest as a whole with only one room per floor.

Valencia La Estrecha building
6 Lope de Vega Square
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