Ethnology Museum

Valencians and their environment

Valencia’s Museum of Ethnology is located in the same building as the Prehistory Museum, in “La Bene”, so it’s a great idea to spend the afternoon checking out both museums. Ideal for History lovers.

Through 5 exhibitions

Discover Valencian history

The museum features a permanent exhibition organized in 5 areas which define the relationship between people and their environment: the city, the garden, the marsh, the dry land and the mountains.

In these, you’ll find objects related to inhabiting (the domestic space), coexisting (spaces for encounters), and working (workplaces).

La Bene building

2 museums in 1

When you visit the Casa de la Beneficencia building, affectionately known as “La Bene”, you get to visit two museums that are connected, this one and the Prehistory Museum. Together, they offer a glimpse into Valencia’s history.

With the same ticket, you can also visit the MuVIM on the same day.

Ethnology Museum exhibitions

Explore Valencian history through art

Contact Ethnology Museum

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(+34) 963 88 36 14
Opening hours

From 10am to 8pm.
Closed on Mondays.

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