One of the city's most emblematic buildings

Valencia’s Cathedral is one of the most visited spots in the city. Always full of tourists, it’s the center of Valencia’s Cathedral Complex.

From the East, in Almoina Square, visitors have access to the Almoina Archaeological Center, and the Western view from the Virgin Square, to the Basilica and the Apostles Gate.

Inside the Cathedral

The true holy chalice?

For those interested in both history and religion, the true Holy Chalice is said to be inside this Cathedral. Although many Spanish towns claim to have it, it’s at least interesting to see, since both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI used it during their trips to Valencia.

The Museum also features paintings by famous Spanish artists such as Goya.

Miguelete bell tower

El Micalet

The bell tower

One of the Cathedral’s most notorious features is its bell tower, the Miguelete, which you’ll immediately see once you reach the Queen’s Square.

Discover the Miguelete

More about the bell tower

Basilica and cloister

The Cathedral complex

The Cathedral is part of what’s called Valencia’s Cathedral Complex, which includes the Miguelete bell tower, the Almoina Archaeological Center and the Basilica.

If you go round the corner, you’ll find yourself in the Virgin Square, where you’ll see the Basilica and its cloister, as well as an arch/bridge that connects both buildings.

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