Almoina Archaeological Center

A piece of history in Valencia

Located next to the Cathedral, the Almoina Archaeological Center is a large underground space where visitors can take a look at some of the elements found on archaeological excavations performed in the city between the years 1985 and 2005.

A historic building

One of the best in Europe

L’Almoina is considered one of the best archaeological sites in Europe.

Its most interesting features are the buildings themselves, a well-preserved compendium of history and urban development of the city of Valencia from its foundation to the present day.

Next to the Cathedral

A wonderful location

You can’t miss the Almoina because it’s right behind the Basilica. The archaeological center is considered part of the Cathedral complex, along with the Basilica, the Cathedral, and its bell tower, the Miguelete.

Visit the Basilica

The Cathedral Complex

In downtown Valencia

Almoina Square

With 2,500 square meters, L’Almoina is located in Almoina Square and surrounded by a nice pond, which lets you see a bit of what’s down there waiting for you to discover.

Almoina pond ValenciaTrip
Décimo Junio Bruto Square

Contact Almoina Archaeological Center

Get in touch!

(+34) 962 08 41 73
Opening hours

Mondays to Saturdays, from 9:30am to 7pm.
Sundays and holidays, until 3pm.

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