Fallas' Nit del Foc

A woman, in charge of Fallas fireworks for the first time in history

Feb 2, 2018Read time: 00:44

Valencia is all about inclusion and diversity and it shows: For the first time in the history of the iconic celebration, a woman will be responsible for the famous fireworks of the Fallas’ Nit del Foc (Night of Fire).

Reyes Martí will be in charge of launching the most important pyrotechnic performances: the Nit del Foc and the final mascletà on March 19. Also the pyrotechnic show of the Nit de la Cremà (burning night) for the City Council falla.

The Nit del Foc will take place after midnight, at the end of the second day of the Offering, approximately at 1:30 am, with a huge “fireworks castle” at the Alameda promenade.

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