Get ready for fighting zombies

Valencia Zombi Party 2016

Oct 29, 2016Read time: 01:18

Get ready for fighting zombies (or becoming one) in Valencia Zombi Party 2016.

Valencia Zombi (Spanish spelling for the English word “zombie”) is a non-profit organization; every year, it organizes a themed charity event called Valencia Zombi Party for financial support and also to publicize the -often unknown- work of several NGOs.

The idea is that, if we’re all zombies that night, you’ll forget about race, sex or political or religious choices.

Valencia Zombi Party 2016

Now on to the schedule!

These are highlights for tourists since the event lasts for several days and includes short projections and book signings by famous local writers.

Saturday October 29 at FNAC store: Event presentation. Get a ZombiCard to get free zombie make up.

Sunday October 30: “Running Dead” collaboration with Greenpeace. Get your ZombiCard and free make up for the race near Valencia’s Flower Bridge at the old Turia’s riverbed from 10am. Race starts at 12pm.

Monday October 31: Valencia downtown zombie invasion. It starts at 8pm in Valencia’s City Hall square but from 4pm you can visit the stands at Tapinería Market.

Finally, from 11pm to 3am, late night party for those over +18 and free drinks with your VIZ (very important zombie) card.

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