Bad news for drivers

Valencia’s City Hall Square will be pedestrianized on Christmas and New Year’s

Dec 18, 2017Read time: 01:03

City Hall Square will be pedestrianized for Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Last September, we learned that City Council/City Hall Square would be permanently pedestrianized soon. For now, we’ll have to settle for these special occasions.

Since lots of people will be attending the celebrations at the square, particularly on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the City Council decided to turn it into a pedestrian space to avoid traffic chaos.

Last December 25, it was closed to traffic from 10 am to 8 pm for also being the last Sunday of the month (a special date when the square is always pedestrianized). For now, we know that this year, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, both Mondays will be closed to traffic although schedule is still to be confirmed. New Year’s Eve, coinciding with the last Sunday of the month, would be pedestrianized only during the afternoon.

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