#Paellaemoji celebration

The biggest Valencian paella ever

Sep 29, 2016Read time: 00:57

The rice brand Arroz La Fallera, along with several governmental institutions, are trying to break a Guinness World Record for Valencia city.

It won’t actually be a huge paella but 3000 paellas being cooked at the same time! The date is October 2, the time is 3pm, and the place is the Alameda promenade, from Aragon bridge to Del Real bridge.

This isn’t only for the record: Valencians also celebrate the addition of the paella emoji to the Unicode characters (so now you’ll be able to tell your friends you’re eating a delicious paella on Whatsapp with just an emoticon) after the success of the “Operation #paellaemoji” campaign.

Valencians, true paella defenders, were shocked when Emojipedia had published an emoticon of a paella they called “rice with things”, since it had different ingredients. If you’re wondering what true Valencian paella looks like, check out this video!

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