The Nocturnes

Oceanographic and Hemispheric Night Sessions

Jun 20, 2019Read time: 00:57

The Nocturnes of the Hemisfèric, from July 1, and the Nights of the Oceanogràfic, from July 12, make a comeback.

An audiovisual trip with synchronized swimming, dancing, and dolphins! To the music of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Don’t miss them, at the Oceanographic Museum.

Schedule: From July 12 to August 31.

The planetarium’s proposal is a new set of sessions called Las Nocturnas, dedicated to the summer sky, as well as the premiere of the IMAX film “Apolo 11. First steps”, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this mission’s arrival to the moon.

Schedule: From July 1st to September 8, on Thursdays at 9 pm (except July 18) and Saturdays at 10 pm. An expert will explain what the summer night sky is like and show the most important constellations of this time of the year, all accompanied by a soundtrack that has been specially composed for these astronomy sessions.

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