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Long weekend in Valencia for Constitution Day

Dec 4, 2018Read time: 00:54

puente (bridge) is coming this week to Valencia and the rest of Spain; that’s how locals call long weekends due to certain holidays coinciding with weekends.

December 6 is Constitution Day and December 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a universally celebrated event. So most Valencians (and Spaniards) will ask for a day off on December 7 to have a really long weekend.

Why is this of interest to you? Because you might find many stores closed during these days or the complete opposite: many shopping malls that are usually closed on Sundays will open their doors so people can have something to do / start buying Christmas gifts.

So there you have it. Remember that if you’ve got any doubts or questions, you can always find the answers on social networks by getting in touch with us!

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