For Valencian Community Day

9 museums and 9 palaces for free

Sep 28, 2017Read time: 01:29

Once again, 9 museums and 9 palaces of the city of Valencia open its doors for free due to the Nou d’Octubre celebration.

October 9 is Valencian Community Day so that’s why the number 9 is chosen. (Did you know that, for Valencians, this is also their Valentine’s Day?).

Music, literature and, of course, fire will be the protagonists during the week. These are the palaces and museums that will be open for free; check out our pages dedicated to them and visit their official websites or ask for info at the tourist office to know the exact opening hours.


Regional Government Palace (2 Caballeros St.)
Marquis of Malferit Palace (a.k.a. L’Iber Toy Soldiers Museum) (20/22 Caballeros St.)
Mercaders Palace (26 Caballeros St.)
Borgia Palace (4 San Lorenzo Sq.)
Marquis of Scala Palace (3 Manises Sq.)
Baylía Palace (4 Manises Sq.)
D’en Bou Palace (11 En Bou St.)
Admirals’ Bath (12 Palau St.)
Català de Valeriola Palace (2 Nules Sq.)


IVAM (118 Guillem de Castro St.)
MUVIM (10 Quevedo St.)
El Carmen Cultural Center (2 Museo St.)
“La Bene” (featuring the Prehistory and Ethnology Museums) (36 Corona St.)
Ciutat Museum (3 Arzobispo Sq.)
Valencia’s Fine Arts Museum (9 San Pío V)
Castellón’s Fine Arts Museum (in the province of Castellón)
MARQ (Archaeological Museum of Alicante, in that province)
Gravina Fine Arts Museum (also in Alicante and inside the palace of the Count of Lumiares)

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