Open Doors Day 2017

30 years of music at Valencia’s Palau de la Música

Apr 25, 2017Read time: 01:14

Valencia’s Palau de la Música (Music Palace) turns 30 this year and they’ve organized an Open Doors Day with free concerts and rehearsals for the general public. The ValenciaTrip team was there! Don’t miss the best pics on our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and our brand new Instagram one.

From 10 am to 2 pm, the Palace opened its doors to the general audience and we got to see a bit of what you can expect from Valencian conservatory students. We also got to see a rehearsal by Valencia’s Orchestra which plays tonight in a non-free concert to celebrate the 30 years of the Palau.

A highlight: The José Iturbi room is impressive and it’s regarded as one of the best-sounding studios in the world. A downside: We did tell the staff that it would have been great to feature leaflets in English -or at least, Spanish!- to grab tourists’ attention and bring in new visitors, and also to promote the Music Palace better on social networks (they’ve only got a Facebook account and they post in Valencian; same as the leaflet) since it’s definitely worth a visit.

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