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10 years of Bioparc Valencia

Feb 2, 2018Read time: 00:43

10 years, 5 million visitors. Bioparc turns 10 and presents special offers for its daily and yearly passes.

In February, 10 years ago, Bioparc Valencia opened its doors, after the city’s zoo had closed for good. “A piece of Africa in Valencia”, the park offers locals and visitors a unique experience they call “zoo-immersion”.

This month only, visitors can get tickets for €18 + €1 (for weekends and for the last days of the month: 26-27-28) or the B! Annual Pass for €38 + €1. This “+ €1” will be donated to a very Valencian cause: saving bats, a species Valencians identify as their own (and is also the local team’s pet). This is achieved via the Bioparc Foundation.

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