Valencia Metro

The city's subway

Subway and tram

MetroValencia takes you everywhere

Valencia’s subway system is called MetroValencia. It features several connections between different lines, including some with the city’s tram, ideal to get to the beach.

Visitors are always surprised when they see how new and clean Valencia’s subway looks in comparison to those in Madrid or Barcelona, something Valencians can be proud of.

Valencia Metro Tips

Good to know

  1. Average time between trains

    Take into account that Valencia’s trains aren’t as frequent as Madrid or Barcelona’s. You might have to wait 3 minutes for some but 8-15 minutes for others, depending on your destination.

  2. Which line should I take?

    Each line has a color, which you’ll see on maps as well as on signs, at the station and inside the train. Connections between lines make will make your journey easier so plan ahead.

    When in doubt, ask away but remember most locals don’t speak English! You might have to go to the Tourist POI.

  3. Where do I get a map?

    To get a map of the city and the metro lines, you can check out the tourist information centers or download them right here on ValenciaTrip!

  4. Do metro lines operate during the night?

    No, at least not throughout the year. Busiest metro stations such as Àngel Guimerà and Colón will feature trains until 12-12:30 am and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until 5 am to be able to take another one!

    During Fallas, they’re usually available all night long on the most important days of the festivities.

  5. What about tickets?

    You have to get your tickets using the machines available at every station. A single, one-way ticket will always be more expensive than a pass, so consider getting a TUiN card which offers 10 trips for a lower price.

    These can also be reloaded if you spend them all.

  6. Are metros crowded?

    No, throughout the year, Valencia’s metros are pretty comfortable (forget Tokyo!) but they do become crowded when Fallas arrive! So if you’re visiting the city during these festivities, you should know that on peak hours, you might travel uncomfortably.

  7. What about the tram?

    Valencia also features a tram which has a few connections with the metro lines, particularly to arrive to the beach.

    Your ticket will be valid for a metro-tram connection as well as for a metro-metro one.

Contact MetroValencia

Phone900 46 10 46 (free from Spain)