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Traveling to Spain

Fly to Valencia

Most people traveling to Spain will be doing it by plane. Valencia’s only international airport is located in the city of Manises, 8 km west of the city.

MetroValencia offers a stop at Manises airport via lines 3 and 5, with tickets being a bit more expensive if that’s your destination or arrival point. There’s only one bus line with a connection, line 150.


Traveling to Valencia

For European travelers, it’s easy: the EU passport offers them a quick trip from the plane to any European city without having to explain the reasons and length of their visit.

If you’re traveling from South America or Africa, for example, you’ll have to give that information -and more, depending on who’s asking. Most Americans or Australians won’t have much trouble since they’ve got what’s considered “a stronger passport” (sad but true).

National and international

Visitors from all over the world

Valencia’s airport is part of Aena, which handles 46 airports and 2 heliports in Spain, as well as other 16 international ones.

Most of the traffic handled by the Manises airport is international, with Italy, France, the UK, and Germany being the countries with the highest numbers of passengers.

Domestic traffic accounts for 30% of total visitors. Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, and Ibiza are the three top destinations.

Valencia gets almost 6 million visitors a year!

Shops, restaurants, and VIP lounge

What to do at the airport

Got a few hours to spare? Valencia’s airport isn’t that big but it’s got a few bars, restaurants, and shops; even a “sports bar”, ideal for football (soccer) fans.

Of course, there’s the Duty Free zone, as well as “Thinking Valencia” and “Taste of Spain”, with ideal -though expensive, as in every airport – items for gifts.

Are you a VIP? The “Joan Olivert” room is reserved for both Schengen (EU zone) and non-Schengen flights.

It’s located on the first floor’s boarding area on P1 and it’s open from 05 am to 10 pm. It can be booked via their website.

Useful info

Need a cab!

The taxi service is run by city cabs from Valencia and Manises, and fares are regulated by law.

Rides from/to the airport have a supplement of €5.40 and there’s also one for rides from 9 pm to 7 am and during weekends. Minimum charge from Manises is €12 (aforementioned supplement included).

A few tips: Make sure that the driver restarts the taximeter at the beginning of the journey (minimum fare). We also recommend that you always request a receipt for any complaints in case you’re overcharged -sadly, it’s happened more than once!

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