Valencian Horchata

Valencia's most famous drink

Valencia's quintessential drink

What is horchata?

Valencia’s most famous drink, horchata is hard to explain to foreigners. It’s basically a very sweet drink, delicious to some but strange for others, particularly the first time you try it.

The drink differs around the world; Valencian horchata is made from chufas (tiger nuts).

Horchata's partners

Meet fartons

Horchata’s ever-present partners, fartons, are elongated, spongy sweets glazed with sugar. The combination is mouth-watering!


Its origins

A bit of history

Horchata was born during Valencia’s Muslim period but legend says that it was King Jaume I who named it.

In the 60s, a family named Polo created fartons which, thanks to their texture, were ideal to soak up horchata and because of their length, they could be dunked to the bottom of the glass. Now Polo is the most famous commercial brand of fartons.