Gastro Valencia

Valencian and Spanish food

Valencia and Spain

Mediterranean diet

Valencia has a wide gastronomy offering that goes beyond the famous paella and other rice dishes.

Many typical meals such as Spanish toasts are also very healthy since both Valencia’s and Spain’s gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet.

Valencia's most famous dish

The ubiquitous paella

In many places, Spanish food equals paella; that’s why Valencians are so proud of being their creator.

Whenever they have the chance, they’ll start rambling on about the way true Valencian paella is cooked.

More than paella

Typical Valencian food

After you’ve tried your first paella or had dinner in a gourmet restaurant, you can’t leave Valencian without trying some of its typical dishes and drinks.

Horchata and fartons are a must during the Summer, and the whole year you can enjoy Valencia’s unique sandwiches, bocadillos.