Times of Upheaval

Feb 13, 2019

TIMES OF UPHEAVAL. Stories and microstories in the IVAM collection is the full title of this exhibition available at Valencia’s Institute of Modern Art.

A new look at the museum’s collection starting with Pop Art (especially British Pop Art) and Spanish forms of realism. Featuring works by artists who shared the need to use the techniques and images of mass culture and manipulate the iconography produced by the industrial societies in order to question them.

Organized thematically in sections ranging from the historical, including works about the Spanish Civil War, images of repression and the iconography of the dictators, the image of the hero and its construction, and the development of micro-politics with the introduction of the feminist movements, the visibility of dissident identities that do not fit in with the hetero norm, and the inclusion of other identities constructed as a negative reflection of the West.

The exhibition is arranged in six large areas: Violence and Power; Hidden Worlds; Duchamp and the world of objects; Questioning of Images; Dissident Bodies; and Urban Peripheries.

Curators: José Miguel G. Cortés, Mª Jesús Folch, and Sergio Rubira
Contributors: Sabadell Bank Foundation
Picture: “Invasion” by Martha Rosler.

10 days left until event ends.
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