The seduction of elegance

May 17, 2019

The exhibition “The seduction of elegance. Sculpture of Alcora in the National Museum of Ceramics (1742-1995)” brings together a total of 41 pieces of which 37 come from the funds of the Museum.

The rest of the pieces belong to a private collection. Organized by “González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts. the exhibition traces the chronological and stylistic evolution of the production of sculptures of the Real Fábrica de Alcora, founded in 1727 by Buenaventura Abarca de Bolea, IX count of Aranda. It covers a period between 1742 (the date on which this type of production started) until 1995, with the production of figures based on models from other factories.

Outstanding pieces include the portrait of the count; the portrait of Saint Teresa of Jesus; the León group attacking an eagle, which represents an allegory of the War of Independence, in which the lion has the face of Juan Martín Díez, “The Empecinado”, key figure in the fight against the French; and the set of sculptures on the Farnese Bull.

Schedule: Available from May 17 to November 3 in the museum’s temporary exhibition room located on the third floor.

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