Matter, space and time. Julio González and the avant-gardes

Apr 11, 2019

An exhibition at Valencia’s IVAM that places the works of Julio González (Barcelona, 1876 – Paris, 1942) right at the centre of the aesthetic, political, and social debate of his time.

The project also aims to approach the artistic and cultural reality of the metropolises where he developed his creative work: Barcelona and Paris.

The exhibition highlights some key moments in his career such as his training in the Catalonian Modernist circle and the relationship with his brother Joan; his friendship with Joaquín Torres-García (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1879-1949) and the contact made with some Cercle et Carré artists, his participation in the Pavilion of the Republic in the 1937 Paris International Exhibition; and the innovative nature of his sculpture, starting with his work Woman with a mirror (1937).

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