Everyday life and Francoism

Jul 12, 2018

Prietas las filas (literally, firm rows or ranks) is an exhibition by Valencia’s Museum of Ethnology that focuses on dictator Francisco Franco‘s 40 years ruling Spain with an iron hand.

From his victory in April 1939 until his death on November 20, 1975, the caudillo led a national-Catholic totalitarian regime which, despite suffering some internal crises, maintained its anti-democratic essence until the end.

Decades of Francoism have shaped a society and a democracy that is certainly one of a kind. Several generations of Spaniards were born and lived during the dictatorship, without knowing anything other than the authoritarian, ultra-nationalist and repressive regime of the Generalissimo.

The exhibition approaches Francoism as a political regime and as an ideology, with the intention of analyzing its indoctrination mechanisms, its propaganda policy, and its construction of a new national feeling and memory, based on its three pillars: The Falange, the army, and religion.

Curated by Andrea Moreno Martín and José María Candela Guillén. Venue: Room II.

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