Welcome the New Year in Valencia

Dec 31, 2021 - Jan 1, 2022

Ideal for locals and tourists who don’t want to spend a dime (well, maybe a few for food, drinks, and transport) to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Valencia!

Classic Valencian pyrotechnics, a giant screen, and confetti and smoke machines will be some of the things featured this year on Valencia’s 2018 New Year’s Eve party in City Hall Square.

For the fourth consecutive year, the city’s main square will become the core of the celebrations. There will be a security fence to ensure the safety of people on the merry-go-round and the ice rink. Another safety tip: you will not be able to bring glass bottles or glassware beyond the fence; there will also be urinals nearby to avoid urination on public roads.

This year, the party will start really early with a special New Year’s Eve for children; this way, they will be able to hear the bells long before midnight. Minors will have to be accompanied by adults and alcohol won’t be allowed. The party for the youngest ones will start at 11 am in the morning and end at 12:30 pm and will feature giant balls, workshops, and music performances.

For adults, the big event will start at 10:30 pm and end around 01:45 am.

In this edition, women will take center stage, since Valencia’s City Council wants to highlight the role of female DJs, featuring the performances of Cinnamon DJ and Innmir, who will join Boccachico. Five minutes before midnight, a musical light show will begin, right before the chimes, followed by a “pyro-musical” by Pirotecnia Vulcano.

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