Mascletá (fireworks)

Feb 1, 2021 - Mar 19, 2021

Already know everything about the mascletá and want to check out the full schedule for this year’s fireworks show? Look no further!

Pyrotechnical shows before Fallas:

Friday, February 1:
7 pm: Inauguration of the Ninots Exhibition inside the Principe Felipe Science Museum. Ending with a special fireworks show.

Saturday, February 23:
Vertical mascletá by Ricardo Caballer at Valencia’s Marina (biggest so far!). Night event, hours TBA.

Sunday, February 24: Cridá
7 am: Children’s despertá starting from La Paz St. towards City Hall Square. Consisting of a despertá (early mascletá) for children and teenagers (8 to 14 years old) accompanied by adults, and a music band playing along the sound of the crackers.
7:30 am: Despertá for adults with the same route as the one for children.
2 pm: Classic mascletá in City Hall Square in charge of Pirotecnia Valenciana.
8 pm:  Cridá at the Serranos Towers by Valencia’s Fallera Mayor of 2019 surrounded by its Court of Honor, kickstarting Fallas officially.

Fireworks for March, during Fallas:

From March 1st to March 19, every day at 2 pm: Mascletá in City Hall Square.
March 18 at midnight, on the Alameda Promenade: “Fireworks castle”, ending with the Nit del Foc (Fire Night) approx. at 1:30 am, when all Fallas (except those saved) get burnt.

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