Markets for Fallas

Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 19, 2021

March is Valencians’ favorite month and it’s also one of the best times to visit the city. Check out all it has to offer regarding medieval, artisans, and Fallas markets.

Crafts show at Colón Market

Organized by Proa Artesanos, the Valencian Community’s handicraft association, this fair will be held in one of the city’s main markets. March 15-19.

Antiquarian and Secondhand Books Fair

The XLII Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión de Valencia is the ideal place to find old and rare books. You’ll find it at the Gran Vía Marqués del Turia St. Free access.

Schedule: March 1-24. Monday to Saturday, from 10:30 am to 2 pm and from 5 to 9 pm. Sundays and holidays, from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 to 9 pm.

Tapinería’s Fabulous Antique Market

Tapinería Market holds its Fabuloso (Fabulous) antique market every month and March is no exception: two weeks of jewelry, books, decor, beers, furniture, accessories, art and much more.

Traditional Fallas Markets

You’ll find several traditional mercados falleros all around the city, with crafts stalls as well as food trucks, from March 12 to March 19 (end of Fallas).

In Pelayo St., next to the North Station and the Bullring, from March 12 to March 19. Also featuring food trucks.

Themed market at the Na Jordana falla, also from March 12 to March 19, in Portal Nou Square, next to the Turia’s old riverbed.

At the La Lantern-NaRobella-Avenida del Oeste falla, close to Bruges Square and the Central Market.

At the L’antigua de Campanar falla, close to the Hipercor mall

At the Cuba-Buenos Aires and the Cuba-Literato Azorín fallas, from 11 am to 12 am; may be extended until 2 am.

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